We've built a lot of things in the
past 20 years. The most important
is trust.

1994Small group of investors fund purchase of a business
1995Acquired Road Rescue, Inc.
2004Established Asurion Japan K.K.
2009NEW started its business in Japan
2010Built first iPhone insurance program
2010Established Acyan Corporation
2012Established Asurion Japan holdings G.K
2013Acquired technology support solutions company, Soluto.
2014Established Asurion Technology Japan K.K.
2014Asurion Technology Kakegawa K.K. started its operation.

15,000 experts.
And we keep adding more.


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Corporate Responsibility

Cell phones at the office:

How do you use your phone at work?
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We're looking for suppliers as technology and service obsessed as we are.


Asurion Completes Acquisition

of Highly Acclaimed Technology Support Solutions Company, Soluto
Press Release