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We enhance your life through tech everyday

Committed to our clients

We are an integrated organization that handles consulting, technologies, call centers, logistics, technical evaluation, and other operations:

  • We operate in 18 countries worldwide and connect nearly 300 million customers.

  • We use our globally developed services to cultivate experiences and learn new skills.

  • We strive to achieve all-in-one solutions for 
every type of technology.

Technology Operations

Whether it’s back- or front-end development or data science, we use the latest development techniques to provide our digital services.

Product Services

We take pride in our products and have implemented development strategies to help meet customer needs and maintain their loyalty.

Focused Environments

We strive to uphold a solid foundation for financial, legal, and general affairs to create a suitable environment for our employees to best serve clients.

Asurion Japan Holdings G.K.

Asurion Group information

We’re a leading tech care company with 23,000 employees working in 18 countries worldwide.

Asurion LLC (Headquarters)

Asurion Japan Holdings G.K.

Asurion Japan K.K.

Acyan Corporation

Asurion Technology Japan K.K.

Asurion Technology Kakegawa K.K.

Our commitment will never change

Our journey has taken us from a small startup to the biggest tech care company in the world. We’ll continue to evolve, but our commitment to our customers and partners will stay the same.

23,000 people. One team.

Our roots may be in Nashville, Tennessee, but Asurion is a global company united by optimism, empathy, and a collaborative spirit. Interested in joining it?

JUSE Firm Registered ISO/IEC27001 JUSE-IR-410, ISMS-AC ISMS ISR005